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Welcome to Postural Alignment Therapy – a postural therapy clinic based in the Macedon Ranges Victoria.

About Postural Alignment Therapy

Postural Alignment therapy is an exercise based therapy individually designed to target pain through specific exercises which correct postural misalignments and imbalances.

Pain can develop for many reasons:

  •  Following accident or injury
  • As a result of lifestyle or repetitive activity
  • Our work environment
  • Or because of a postural dysfunction like scoliosis.

An example of postural imbalance is someone who spends long periods of time sitting. Over time the muscles required for standing up straight and walking are under stimulated so the stronger sitting muscles begin to dominate, which can result in pain in the hips when walking and/or tight shoulders and neck.

I treat the body as a unit believing there are no unimportant parts and that the site of your pain is not necessarily the cause of your pain. It is based on the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself and resolve pain when our posture is brought back into alignment.

Exercise programs are designed to correct individual misalignments.  Together we develop programs of exercises to address your posture, taking into consideration your ability to perform the exercises correctly and without pain. Performed regularly, the exercises bring the body back into balance, resulting in pain diminishing and often disappearing completely.

About Anne Liersch

Anne is a Postural Alignment Therapist certified by the Egoscue Institute.

“My background is teaching. I have always been an active person but had become frustrated by physical limitations and pain which was making me uncomfortable in my daily activities and work.
A friend lent me a book written by Pete Egoscue, for me this was eye opening. I began to understand why I had pain in the first place and that despite participating in regular exercise I was becoming less able to avoid hurting myself. I learnt that it wasn’t just age either!
Once I started some simple realigning exercises specific to my posture, I began to improve rapidly and was hooked. How could I now not help other people?
I enrolled to study Postural Alignment Therapy with the Egoscue Institute and am proud to be able to offer this therapy.” – Anne Liersch 

Anne is one of only a few of postural alignment therapists in Australia and is driven to lead her clients toward a pain free life so they too can live life unlimited.